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Rosemont Automated Mortgage Processing

Service, rates, and the ability to deliver are what separate Rosemont Mortgage from the competition. All of our loan officers use our exclusive processing system Rosemont Automated Mortgage Processing. Loan Officers, Borrowers, Realtors, and other interested third parties can access the status and documentation of their transaction on a 24/7 basis providing a truly paperless environment.

RAMP was formed to create a paperless, collaborative loan processing environment for the mortgage industry. RAMPs system enables the mortgage industry to shift from paper-based, point to point systems to a collaborative business process management system, allowing any participant to share in the review, evaluation, approval, storage, and transshipment of all mortgage-related documents, with Calyx Point and RAMP providing the continuing data repository services on the loans processed through our software.

Rosemont Mortgage is on the cutting edge of tomorrows mortgage technology!.


Rosemont Mortgage has provided a number of mortgage calculators to help you best determine the loan that is right for you.

Market Update

Interest rates and market conditions can play an important role when deciding on the right loan for you. See what is happening today!

On-Line 1003

Our interactive on-line loan application is very easy to use. You have the option to download the application and e-mail it to us or just fill out the form and click on the Submit button. In either case a Loan Officer will contact you shortly. You can also call us at 866-415-2422 and we will take your application.


On Refinances we guarantee that your loan will fund in no less than 30 Days based on the submission of all necessary documentation with the application.


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